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how to have good copywriting

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Struggling to write or get people to read your ads? Find out how you can easily write good copies with our 4 P's!

how to have good copywriting

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the art of writing persuasively in marketing, to convince the reader to take your intended action.

The formula

1. Plan

Don't go blindly into copywriting. A good copy takes planning. There is no hard-and-fast rule on how a good copy should look like, but we particularly like the structure that Neil Patel proposed:

  • Problem

  • Advantage (i.e. how the reader can benefit by solving the problem)

  • Proof (i.e. how your product / service can solve the problem)

  • Action

You can see the PAPA structure in action here:

good copywriting structure

2. Punch

A good copy delivers a punch by using power words. Power words drive emotion, excitement and action. See for yourself how a headline with power words can capture attention:

good copywriting with power words

Don't have a wide vocabulary bank? Don't worry! SmartBlogger has complied a list of over 800 power words to help you get started. You can thank us later :)

3. Precise

The reality - people skim because of short attention spans. Your writing has to adapt to cater to the current reading habits.

You will have to say more with less.

Don't use a long or difficult word when a simpler one is sufficient.

Remove redundant words.

Use short, simple sentences.

Apple is a pro at being concise in their copywriting. See it for yourself here:

good copywriting precise and concise

4. Practise

People don't just wake up and be good copywriters overnight. Copywriting is a skill that takes months or even years to hone. That's why copywriters get paid for what they do!

But everything has to start somewhere. If you want to write a good copy for your business, why not start trying today?

We understand that the inertia can be high, or you may not have a good grasp of English to begin with. That's why at marketeers, we have a team of strong copywriters to bring your ideas to life, to write better than you can sell it yourself. Why not drop us a call today to find out how we can write your business the right way?


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