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how to create an impressive logo

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

What makes a good logo? Find out the 7 quick tips here!

digital marketing small business singapore create logo

1. Use icons

digital marketing small business singapore use icons

Many people think that a company logo must include an image showing what the product or service is. This is usually not the case. Instead of images, consider using icons to emphasize what your company does. A great example is Nike with its iconic “swoosh” that evokes the feeling of movement and speed. By using icons, your logo remains simple enough such that clients can recall it even after one quick glance.

2. Experiment with uppercase and lowercase

digital marketing small business singapore font casing

Uppercase logos typically give off a sense of authority, while the use of lowercase gives a more approachable, casual vibe. Play around with the font case to see which suits your company best.

3. Avoid handwritten fonts

digital marketing small business singapore font type

In an attempt to make their logo stand out, some people resort to using cursive, handwritten fonts. While they may offer a quirky and creative feel, such fonts are hard to read and may have the adverse effect of making people ignore your icon. For beginners, stick to simple, block-type fonts.

4. Balance your name and tagline

digital marketing small business singapore visual balance

Visual balance is crucial in logos. If you would like to include your tagline in your logo, the tagline should be perfectly aligned with your name. This will give your logo a natural sense of harmony. If your tagline is too long, considering rewriting it to be more concise, or adjusting the font size of your name respective to the tagline.

5. Allow sufficient space

digital marketing small business singapore spacing

Some logos look better when surrounded by a frame. If you decide to frame your logo, be sure to leave enough space between your chosen frame and logo. If the elements look cramped, simply enlarge the frame or decrease the font size.

6. Ensure good background contrast

digital marketing small business singapore background color

Select a background color that gives enough contrast with your text, so that your overall logo is readable. If the color of your text is white, go for a darker background color such as black.

7. Align your elements

digital marketing small business singapore alignment

Once all of your elements (name, tagline and icon) are present, it’s important that they are well-balanced when placed together. While there are no set rules, you should align all your elements in the same direction: left, center, or right.


Creating logos can be easy and fun. However, not everyone has artistic juices flowing in their brains. Why not talk to us to find out how we can lend you our creative lens?


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